The Same Order

Concordia discors
Latin expression for “discordant harmony" (Horace, Epistles, bk. 1, no. 12, l. 19)

The same order concerns predator and prey

The same order allows some to hide and leaves others unprotected

The same order is based on all kinds of unions

The same order embraces purity and hybridization

The same order makes some fertile and denies others to be so

The same order provides some with offspring and leaves others struggling for an orphan

The same order leads some males to compete for a female and others to take care of an abandoned little one.

The same order encompasses different realities
Some of them are puzzling
Yet they all belong to the same order.

That tremendous harmony
Created by God.

THE SAME ORDER © 2007 All Rights Reserved. Research, ideas and design: Mariano Akerman (Akermariano), Manila, 23 December 2006. See the original source, in Spanish: El Mismo Orden. Related posts: Atypical Beings, Rara avis, Selective Cruelty and Twenty-First Century: Must the Show Go On? See also the digital collages Rabbits with Tiggers and Quiosco de Quimeras (Chimeras' Kiosk).

Versión castellana: El mismo orden

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