My Inner Constellations

This is the first of my Inner Constellations.


Jean-Paul Girault said...

The artwork of Mariano Akerman is original, subtle, and personal. Mysterious and suggestive as they are, les constellations intérieures are invitations to imagine. Jean-Paul Girault

nitza said...

Thank you Mariano for inviting me to see your pictures. Your art is absolutely beautiful.... thanks again!

> Reply: I'm happy to know you like them so much, thanks for visiting!

Anonymous said...

hello mariano
your beautiful painting that you gave us for our weeding sits opposite me as i type this, but all the same it's so great to see the rest your amazing work again. i didn't know you had been to sydney! excellent photos of opera house.

PrinceSitaDeCrisTaL said...

Me gustaría cambiar el color del cielo por una constelación distinta (de estas) cada día