Collages at ICAS

Mariano Akerman, "Art in the Picture," Islamabad College of Arts and Sciences, 30 March 2010

About one hundred and twenty students attended Akerman's lecture on French Art at ICAS. Five collages were displayed and discussed in detail by the Argentinean painter, who made remarks about their composition, technique and iconography.

The five collages shown at the ICAS. From left to right: Nine Candles, Francophonie et Cie., Friendship, Channel No.5 and Remembrance. The collages were presented to inspire the students. Today a collage may be considered a tradititional kind of artwork. For additional examples of collage, see Hausmann's ABCD, Ernst's She, Ad Reinhardt's Page of Jokes, Ashbery's Poisson d'Avril, Rosenthal's Red Kite, and Akerman's The Things I tell You.


Meli Mirel said...

Buena Mariano! Me alegra encontrate en este camino. Cariños

Gab from Florida said...

Nine candles, Friendship and Remembrance, my favorites. Very meaningful and powerful. gab ~

Cindy Online said...

¿Un argentino disertando en castellano, inglés y/o francés acerca de la historia y el arte de Francia, con los auspicios de la Alianza Francesa y en escuelas superiores y universidades pakistaníes? ¡Maravilloso!