Art Matters • Ideas & Themes Illustrated

by Mariano Akerman

MIMESIS • William Mason Brown: Still Life

OBSERVATION • Image by Caloi

EXPRESSION • Portrait by David Hockney

REALISM • Karl Edouard Biermann: Berlin

POSE • Hyacinthe Rigaud: Louis XIV

CRITICISM • Francisco de Goya: Capricho #41

INVENTIVENESS • Max Ernst: "She looked slightly like a horse"

SIMPLIFICATION • Pablo Picasso: Self-Portrait

STYLIZATION • Portrait by Amedeo Modigliani

DEFORMATION • Francis Bacon: Self-Portrait

DOT • Pointillism by Georges Seurat

LINE • Informalism by Hans Hartung

TEXTURE • Innerscape

COLOR • Fauvist painting by André Derain

COMPOSITION • Three Figures by a Window

VIEWPOINT • Joaquín Sorolla y Bastida: Fifth Avenue, New York

BEAUTY • Albrecht Dürer: The Hare

UGLINESS • Basil Wolverton: Lena the Hyena


ART HISTORY • ANTIQUITY • Assyrian-Babylonian Demon

ART HISTORY • MIDDLE AGES • French Gothic Gargoyle

ART HISTORY • RENAISSANCE • Albrecht Dürer: Self-Portrait

ART HISTORY • MODERN ART • René Magritte: The Betrayal of Images

PREWAR PERIOD • Pieter Paul Rubens: The Garden of Love

POSTWAR PERIOD • Alberto Giacometti: Walking Man

SOURCE OF INSPIRATION • Surreal Neoclassicism or Neoclassical Surrealism?

METAMORPHOSIS • Hybrid Collection Wallpaper by Matt & Sophie Nice

HISTORICAL CONTEXT • Karl Schwesig: Schlegelkeller

THE IMAGINARY • Then Lilies turned to Tigers

NARRATIVE • Recurrent motif tends to suggest a story

ABSTRACTION • Painting by Mark Rothko

COMPASSION • Käthe Kollwitz: The Mothers

PROVOCATION • Marcel Duchamp: The Fountain

MANNERISM • Giuseppe Arcimboldo: Water

SUGGESTION • Meret Oppenheim: Object

AMBIGUITY • Francis Bacon: Lying Figure in a Mirror

CAMOUFLAGE • Just don't expect it to roar

TACT • Homo sapiens by Quino

DECORUM • The Way Things Should Always Be

SYMBOLS • Gold and Ashes

SYMBOLISM • Georges Lacombe: Blue Seascape

ALLEGORY • Death playing with Soap Bubbles

ABSURDITY • Quino: Waiting for Godot?

VANITAS • Still Life by Justus Junker

MEMENTO MORI • Julia DeVille: Cinerarium

PATHOS • George Frederic Watts: Hope

HOPE • Both Eyes and Heart


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