Looking at Pictures and Learning from Art

Dürer, Self-Portrait, oil, 1498

The much expected lecture "Looking at Pictures and Learning from Art" was given today at the Islamabad College for Girls, where lecturer Mariano Akerman met the unprecedented number of 400 Pakistani students.

The event took place at the Islamabad College for Girls and was kindly organized by Prof. Rabya Qadir, who gathered an incredible number of students and teachers from her Institution and from four other neighbor educational centers among which the Imperial International School F10/3, the Federal Government School for Girls G6/1-3; the Federal Government Junior Girls Model School G6/3; and the Federal Goverment Boys Secondary School No.8 F6/2.

"Looking at Pictures and Learning from Art" is part of Shape and Meaning, a program of educational lectures on the German contribution to the visual arts. Aiming to bridge cultures and people, the program counts with the generous support of the German Embassy in Islamabad.

Mariano Akerman explored and discussed artworks and masterpieces by forerunners of German imagery, including Albrech Dürer, Balthasar Küchler, Christoph Jamnitzer, Johann Esaias Nilson, Max Liebermann, Lesser Ury, Ludwig Meidner, Karl Schmidt-Rothluff, Franz Marc, and Max Ernst.

Dürer, The Large Turf, watercolor, 1503

Johann Georg Hertel (after Jeremias Wachsmuth), Winter, Rococo Music, Fancy Dress Ball, etching, 1750-60

Max Liebermann, Country Tavern at Brannenburg, oil, 1893

Franz Marc, Deer in Flower Garden, oil, 1913

Students were interested in topics such as the development of the artist as an individual in the 16th century, the various trends dealing with the imagination in the 17th century, the 18th-century notion of artificiality, and the main differences between Impressionism and Expressionism in German Art.

In a memorable gesture, tokens of friendship were given to the representative of the German Embassy and to the lecturer. The meeting was closed with a cup of local tea and a general desire of meeting once again soon.

Dürer, A Young Hare, 1502

Event brochure, November 2010

Shape and Meaning: The German Contribution to the Visual Arts - Five Educational Lectures by Mariano Akerman, German Embassy Islamabad, 3.1.2011, Education & Culture

Deutsche Kunst - Form und Bedeutung. Eine Vorlesungsreihe von Mariano Akerman, Botschaft der Bundesrepublik Deutschland, Islamabad, 3.1.2011, Kulturelle Beziehungen (Andreas Dauth).

Selected masterpieces at the German Art Gallery


Joan Pohl said...


Sadaf Altaf said...

The lecture was very informative in dealing with the history of German art and its prominent artists. Art historian Mariano Akerman explained everything in way easy to understand. All students remained engaged throughout the lecture and have learnt a lot about the topic, a thing that was evident as they were asked about the lecture later.

Maria Ahmid said...

It was a highly informative lecture and we got a chance to see artworks from a most distant country. I enjoyed the lecture a lot.

Alina Mumtaz said...

I love the paintings chosen by Mr. Akerman and really enjoyed his explanations reagarding the very many paintings he showed to us. I love the one by Ury Lesser showing the effect of the rain on a Berlin street.

Hina Munawar said...

The lecture was very good and I've learnt new things about art, especially terminology. What I like is that the lecture was chronologically organized, so we could easily follow the development of German art.

Dr. NCL said...

Mariano: Tus logros se están llevando a cabo en Islamabad y yo, aún no salgo de mi asombro. Un gran despliegue intelectual en Pakistán, lleno de consagraciones. Qué calidad que tenés, qué estilo, qué maravilla. Así es. Te quiero y agradezco.

Silvia Weisz said...

Mariano querido, te felicito ! Un beso y ub abrazo con el amor de siempre.

Mónica Ottino said...

Mariano: Tenés un material espectacular. Amo a Durero y me conmueven sus paisajes y animalitos maravillosos. Tengo copias del cangrejo, el león y también la de esas plantas silvestres. Un abrazo, Mónica

Katharina Lack said...

Impressive! Congratulations.

Yuka Nakasone said...

Es fantástico. Comprendo muy bien de que amas el país donde vives y su gente. A seguir con tus trabajos maravillosos por la humanidad. Y sobre todo, sigue inspirando la gente.