Les raisons d’être - Art Exhibition

A collection of 25 paintings, collages and drawings by Mariano Akerman is exhibited at the Residence of the Royal Embassy of Belgium in Islamabad from today to the end of the month.
The paintings are watercolours and mixed media, mostly executed in Buenos Aires, Manila and Islamabad.
The works belong to the MAC Itinerant Collection. In these days, other six collages from the Collection were shown at various academic institutions in Islamabad as part of Raisons d’être, a series of educational lectures, and the I+E Writing and Collage Competition. Such activities come from Akerman's personal initiative. They have the auspices of Alliance Française and the Belgian Embassy in Islamabad.

Les raisons d’être - Artworks by Mariano Akerman
1. Of the Importance of the Authentic, 1988
2. Your Honour, 1989
3. Three Figures by the Window, 1989
4. The Way I love You, 1989
5. En Movimiento, 1990
6. Life Supporter, 1990
7. A Sky of Projects, 1990
8. Centaur, 1990-1
9. Microcosm, 1991, 2005
10. Dead Sea I, 1991
11. Dead Sea II, 1991
12. Sheba, 1995
13. Gold and Ashes, 2001
14. Land, 2003
15. The Magician, 2003
16. Ceibo Flower, 2004
17. Recollection, 2005
18. Constellation A, 2004-5
19. Constellation B, 2004-5
20. Innerscape, 2005
21. The Age of Wisdom, 2005
22. Constellation A5, 2005
23. History, 2009
24.The Things You tell Me, 2010
25. The Things I tell You, 2010
26. Prickly Matters 1, 2009
27. Prickly Matters 2, 2009
28. Nine Candles, 2000-5
29. Remembrance, 2002-4
30. Friendship, 2001-4
31. Among the Nations, 2005
32. Channel No.5, 2005
33. Francophonie et Cie., 2005


NCL said...

Buenísima la muestra. Y qué honor que te otorguen esa sede para realizar la exposición. "Y la nave va." Un beso grande, grande.

Joan Pohl said...

I see the blog and think it is great.

Moonlight de Barcelona said...

A mí los collages que tienes me encantan. Hay mucha originalidad y su colorido es precioso.

Carmen Fabian said...

Tus cuadros lucen muy bien en la residencia, son un éxito.

Babur Kamal said...

Thank you for your endeavours concerning the propagation of friendship. It is a noble effort. I have recently viewed with much interest your work now on display at the Belgian Ambassador's Residence. It was quite refreshing to have stumbled upon your unique art. Keep up the good work !

Gabriela Stegmann said...

¡Qué lindo! Tu estilo es muy personal. Cuando uno mira un cuadro tuyo, no hay duda alguna que es 'un Akerman' :) oo's gab (^.^)

Moonlight desde Barcelona said...

Un gran artista. Transmite una placidez en sus obras y otorga sobretodo mucha reflexión en ellas.
Desde aquí le envio un beso, es increible este hombre.

Wersemei con los pies en la tierra said...

Mariano Akerman, pintor, investigador, conferenciante: un artista muy completo.