Letter to a ISOI Teacher

Dear Joan Lewin,

Congratulations on being recognized and prized as a Chosen Teacher of the Year as part of the Gestalt Educational Program as given by me. Your participation, enthusiasm, and ability to integrate your grade three curriculum with the concepts to which my workshop and lecture pertained are evidence of your integrity and the level of excellence that characterizes your work.

The atmosphere in your classroom and among your students and their parents was a pleasure for me to experience. Their responses to a theme such as Gestalt showed they were focused and able to make the connections from my words to the visual and to the creative.

Throughout the years that we have known each other and in which I have participated in a variety of in-class workshops with your students, I have been impressed with the way in which you have organized each session with me: taking into account your students’ varying levels of ability, developmental instructional practices or strategies, and the most appropriate arrangement of the classroom.

I look forward to our working together as we explore with your students the world of visual arts.

Thank you for inviting me to develop the Gestalt activities into your classroom and work with this year’s students and their parents as part of my fifteen lecture series as sponsored by the Embassy of Switzerland and Embassy of Germany.

Mariano Akerman

Reference. Activities developed together at ISOI between 2010 and 2011:
1. Exploring Pictures is Cool, 16.3.2010
2. Argentinean Art, 25.10.2010
3. Pakistan Art Workshop, 10.3.2011
4. Gestalt in the Collage, 26.10.2011

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