Letter from the Swiss Ambassador

Dear Mr. Akerman,

On behalf of the Embassy of Switzerland I would like to extend my sincere appreciation for the time you dedicated in making the "Gestalt Program" a success. The series of 15 lectures, were truly memorable.

While focusing on the Swiss-German contribution to the theory of art and design, the program reinforced our commitment to open a window of opportunity for Pakistani audiences to enjoy and understand the contribution of Swiss-German architecture and design in the 20th century.

The opening of the Gestalt Program at the Swiss Embassy was attended by numerous representatives of the media. It was encouraging to see so much participation by lecturers at educational institutions. I am pleased that the program received good media coverage and the audience reaction was clearly enthusiastic.

The lectures presented at both Embassies received wide applause. It is indeed a great achievement that 2,500 students participated in the lecture series. The enthusiastic response of teachers and students alike was evident from the fact that you received 247 entries for the Gestalt Collage Contest. The success of the entire event testifies to the effectiveness of your presentation and exceptional teaching ability.

During the closing lecture at the German Embassy, I was impressed by the works of the young artists of Pakistan. I really appreciate your initiative and encouragement in granting prizes to the winning students in the collage contest. I believe this appreciation and recognition will greatly boost the confidence of these young Pakistani students.

I look forward to working with you in the near future and wish you all the best.

Yours sincerely,


Christoph Bubb

Embassy of Switzerland, Islamabad