The Gestalt Educational Program: Facts

by Mariano Akerman

2,400 Gestalt brochures printed and given
150 press release exemplars printed and given
2,500 participants
2 embassies
7 educational Institutions
12 lectures in English, French, and Spanish
3 training sessions and workshops
1 collage exhibition, with critique
247 entries received in the Gestalt Collage Contest
50 collage entries selected
27 bags with prizes given to students, teachers, and institutions
1 virtual collage exhibition, with critique
12 collages prized
12 teachers and colleagues prized
3 educational institutions prized

12 prized students:
Rabeea Ahmed
Haider Abbas
Najeha Rashid
Sundas Sana
Aisha Saeed
Saba Malik
Ikram Haider
Sawera PGCW
Anum Hamid
Saira Solangi
Janita Fatima
Saadia Ashrad

12 prized teachers and colleagues:
Hannyia Abid
Farah Nez Sheikh
Mercedes Checa
Saba Mansur
Mamoona Kahn
Abeera Zahid
Joan Lewin-Pohl
Saba Faisal
Troya Roy
Akifa Imtiaz
Huma Koya
Jenny Naseem

3 prized institutions
Islamabad College for Girls
Post-Graduate College for Women Rawalpindi
COMSATS University

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Received distinctions
Prize and certificate from the Post-Graduate College for Women Rawalpindi
Token of Friendship from COMSATS University
Prize from Alliance Française d'Islamabad

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Samina Saleem said...

Dear Mariano, thank you very much for providing us with the opportunity to attend most thought-provoking conferences. Your lectures on Gestalt theory encouraged our thinking abilities and also participation in creative activities. Samina Saleem, Fine Arts Professor, Govt Post Graduate College for Women