Gestalt Program: Comsats University

Photographs by Zainab Umar Rehman

Gestalt: Theory and Design in the Age of New Objectivity. A Series of Educational Lectures, October-November 2011

Romah Samuel

German embassy representative

Rich is always the educated individual.

Is society a cake and man an egg?

Collage involves Integration.

H@nnyi@ A_bid and Abeera Zahid

Creativity has to do mostly with Imagination.

Comparison: Pre-Bauhaus design vs. Bauhaus design

H@nniy@ A_bid, GR, Mariano Akerman, Saba Masur, Abeera Zahid

Can one bridge tradition and modernization?

Romah Samuel and friend

Swiss Deputy Head of Mission

Saba Mansur and H@nnyi@ A_bid


Saba Mansur, Mariano Akerman, Swiss representative, and H@nnyi@ A_bid

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