Arts Seminar: Artwork and Source of Inspiration


Today the students from the Seminaire des Arts had a meeting during which they explored German art and its sources of inspiration.

Mariano Akerman explored with them German imagery from Renaissance to Modern Times. Special attention was devoted to the work of Albrecht Dürer, Ephraim Lilien and Anselm Kiefer.

The discussion included literary sources of inspiration including passages from the Holy Scripture and German literature.


Stephan Röken said...

Dear Mariano,
thanks again for the lecture. It was really interesting.
Thanks a lot and best regards.

Amera Khan said...

I enjoyed the lectures and presentations very much. Thx.

Yuka Nakasone said...

Es fantástico. Comprendo muy bien de que amas el país donde vives y su gente. A seguir con tus trabajos maravillosos por la humanidad. Y sobre todo, sigue inspirando la gente.