Mariano Akerman • Art, 1987-2005

1Suite Argentina • Argentinean Suite
Watercolors, Buenos Aires, 1987-1990

Exh. Universidad de Belgrano, Buenos Aires, 1988; Bank of Boston Cultural Foundation, Buenos Aires, 1989; Centro Cultural San Martín, Buenos Aires, 1990; Negev Artists' Pavilion, Beersheba, 1991; Rubin Cultural Center, Arad, 1991; Galería Saint Margaret, Buenos Aires, 1992-95; Alliance Total Gallery (Alliance Française de Manille), Manila, November 2005; Royal Residence of Belgium, Islamabad, 2010

Mariano Akerman was born a painter. In a world of constant exploration, his spiritual curiosity produces true symbols of life. —Bernardo Graiver

If we search a formal structure, this is evident. There's also a strong subject matter; his work carries an interesting, vital message. Here, the simple does not exclude the profound. The theoretic basis of this artist can be found in his education as an architect, the rest are personal recollections that will permeate his artwork. —Monique Sasegur

Powerful will in the creation of form, his dream-inspired enigmas demand an active participation of the spectator. And this is worthwhile—it is beauty itself, unfolding in an exuberant flowering. —Renato Olivieri

He projects his inspiration in select images, giving to his work the mysterious charm of those things seldom seen by the human eye. —Zulema Vaini

The mobile layout of his painting recalls Miró, [... yet] the nature of the work is from the Americas, a fact confirmed by [the depiction of] dreamlike figures and settings. —Teresita Pociello

He is interested in the problem of the limit. In his works, he explores the relation continent-content. —Alicia Oliberos

In his work, there is a precise and delicate line; the fresh way in which he handles watercolor produces colorful results. / As he depicts forms and details, his enormous inner richness is expressed in terms of joy. In this way, his personages […] dream and grow up under skies specially created to convey the better world he desires. In a patient and silent distillation, he adopts a heroic attitude, innovating in the contemporary visual arts. —Bettina Sandrini

His works can be defined as a mixture of abstract and figurative techniques, complex and with a rich symbolism. —JN, The Buenos Aires Herald

2Here, There, Everywhere, small format works, 1991-2002

Small format works made in Buenos Aires, Jerusalem, London, Brussels, and Manila. Exh. The Rubin Cultural Center, Arad, 1991; The National Museum of the Philippines, Manila, 2005; Alliance Total Gallery (Alliance Française de Manille), Manila, 2005; Royal Residence of Belgium, Islamabad, 2010

He possesses excellent intellectual virtues and a remarkable aesthetic sensitivity. […] His self-critical sense leads him to a constant effort to achieve his goals. —Oscar Maisonave

With secure hand and controlled drawing, a prolific imagination finds expression in his work. His knowledge is intermingled with a profound introspection and an almost obsessive desire to transcend the formal in order to convey profound meanings. —Jorgelina Orfila

His pictorial work might be described; it could never be defined. The style is intricate, precise, richly symbolic and wholly personal. […] His strikingly colored and textured paintings suggest the fantastic, but on closer inspection their bizarre shapes and colors reveal a concern with real-world events and experiences. […]. His own development as a painter has been a matter of intensification, of refinement of technique rather than of dramatic stylistic change. —Susan Mahler

I am impressed with his sensitivity to historical artistic and cultural material. This reflects his intellectual training and knowledge of art history. This sensitivity is beyond the norm for members of the design professions, and reflects a more theoretical approach to art. [Another …] impressive trait […] is his ability to empathize with diverse cultural traditions and societies. —Chanan Mazal

3Les Constellations Intérieures • Inner Constellations
Watercolors and mixed media, Manila, 2004-2005

Exh. The National Museum of the Philippines, Manila, 2005; Alliance Total Gallery (Alliance Française de Manille), Manila, 2005, with Introductory text by Jean-Paul Girault; Residence of Belgium, Islamabad, 2010

A notable researcher. —Libertad Vigo

I really like the inner constellations. They are like paths, aren’t they? —Andrea Gobbi

Akerman’s work speaks for inner vision; it is almost an exploration to the painter’s soul. Some of his works recall the type of the textures one can perceive with the help of a microscope. —Martin Yaya

Only a person so creative and with so much depth and inner beauty can show his interior with so much clarity and purity. I am delighted to lose myself in the inner constellations, thinking I am a tiny atom in that wonderful universe called Akermariano. —Adriana Morabito

• Mariano Akerman at WOOLOO, 2005-11

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